Safety + Questions

Age limit, sickness and pregnancy

We welcome passengers from the age of 12 on our tours. If chartered boat or RIB taxi, we may take younger passengers and adapt speed after your request.

We advise pregnant women and people with back and neck problems from not travelling with us.


Before we start the tour, a safety briefing is performed for all passengers. Passengers will be able to communicate to the crew throughout the tour.

The boat is equipped with safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, flares and first aid kit, as well as navigation equipment in the form of radar and plotters.

Clothing + weather

We drive in all weathers provided there is no obvious safety risk. Our boats and guests are equipped to withstand all kinds of weather. We have overalls, googles, hats and gloves to keep everyone warm and comfortable. In case of cancellation due to security reasons, no charge is payable, however, it is not possible to cancel due to “bad weather”.


The boat and passengers are insured through Atlantica.


Our crew has at least Ship’s officers Class VIII and handling fast ships (HSF) certificates.