Archipelago 3 Night Experience

Enjoy a one of a kind tour of the archipelago. This 3 night exclusive tour takes you all the way to the border of the Åland Sea. It includes the best the archipelago has to offer when it comes to stays, food and sights. 

Our crew will meet you at Pier 17 in the center of Stockholm. After a short introduction we gear up and make sure your personal belongings are safely tucked away in the boat. Let the adventure begin. As we leave Strandvägen in Stockholm and pier 17 behind us we travel out from Stockholm, passing popular tourist sights and residential areas. Making our way out to the main water way into Stockholm we make our first stop. Skogsön is an island 40 minutes outside Stockholm, where local residents have their summer houses, some dating back from early 1800 century. We leave our Rib boat for a while and enjoy some coffee and homemade cinnamon buns while our crew presents the tour. Day 1 starts off with sightseeing of the central Stockholm Archipelago consisting of lush nature, deserted islands and summer houses. We make our way up north in the archipelago, first stop is the island of Norröra. Norröra is often called Saltkråkan after the filming of Astrid Lindgren’s “Vi på Saltkråkan” (We on Seacrow Island).There has been farming here since the1500s, hunting and fishing were the main food sources, as they have been for most of the other islands in the archipelago. Today, there are no year-round residents on the island. You will get to explore the truly genuine island of Norröra while we prepare a picnic lunch. After lunch a guided tour will take you around the island and give you more insight into the exciting history. After getting to know Norröra we hop on our Rib boat and steer further north to the Island of Fejan. Fejan is a small, yet very beautiful island, right on the border of the Åland Sea. At the end of the 1800’s, a quarantine station was established here to stop the last cases of cholera in Sweden. The building is still there. This is our stop for the night. You will have time to explore the island before we eat dinner at the award winning restaurant. Fejan will be our home for tonight.

After a good night sleep at its time to enjoy breakfast. Take the chance to walk the island or take a morning swim before we depart. Today we continue our tour of the outer archipelago. We aim to steer out to sea and make our way to the southern part of the archipelago, where you will really be able to spot the difference and nature. First stop is right outside Sandhamn, the island of Grönskär. Grönskär is a Swedish island and lighthouse station located in the south Stockholm archipelago, east of Sandhamn. The island is rocky and the nature sparse. The whole island is owned by the Swedish foundation “Skärgårdsstiftelsen”. since 1964. On our way top the next stop Huvudskär we pass by the Islands of Biskopsön and Bullerön, both popular nature harbours for sailors during the summer and with lush nature and rich history. Our lunch stop for today is the Island of Huvudskär. Huvudskär is the archipelago’s final outpost. A vast and beautiful archipelago with over 200 islands, islets and rocks.In the Middle Ages, there was a fishing village and, later on, the island became known as a pilot-, customs- and lighthouse station. Today, the old customs house is a hostel and, in the pilot’s house, there is an exhibit about Huvudskär’s history. On Huvudskär, you can experience the barren outer archipelago’s distinctive beauty. Cottongrass, heather and crowberry grow in the crevices between the bare rocks. Seals rest on the low-lying rocks and sea eagles hover in the sky. Take a walk around the island, go fishing, sunbathe, and be sure to swim in the much talked about blue lagoon, or from the smooth, sun-warmed rocks. Here we’ll prepare a picnic lunch while you explore the island. Our final stop of the day is Landsort. The island Landsort is the Stockholm archipelago’s most southern outpost. The most famous site is Landsort’s magnificent lighthouse, which is the oldest in Sweden. The island has an impressive pilot history, striking natural beauty and rich bird life. If you’re lucky, you can see both sea eagles and seals. Go out to Landsort and enjoy being at the farthest end of the coastal strip. This is where we will enjoy dinner and spend the night.

After breakfast we take a tour of Landsort Island and the historical lighthouse. We board the Rib boat and make our way up north towards Stockholm again. Enroute to Stockholm we pass by the island of Utö, which is one of the largest islands in the southern archipelago. Utö you’ll find Sweden’s oldest iron mines from the 1100s. The trenches, which you can still see, are filled with water – some of them 215 metres deep. For those who are interested, there’s also a mining museum which tells about the mining industry’s history. We make our way back to Stockholm on the inner waterways, passing by fantastic summer houses and residential villas, some dating back from the 16th century.

Back at Strandvägen, where the adventure started we are full of memories and impressions from the days at sea. You have now experienced the real Stockholm Archipelago, from north to south and enjoyed both the inner and outer water ways.

Program & Timings

Day 1

  • Leaving Strandvägen (Central Stockholm) – 09:00
  • First stop Skogsön (Vaxholm) – Swedish fika and Tour briefing – 10.00
  • Passing by Vaxholm – Capital of the Archipelago
  • Passby Gällnö / Lådna / Ingmarsö / Finnhamn /Själbottna/Yxlan/Bildö/ Furusund / Norröra
  • Lunch and and guided tour at Norröra 13-15
  • Route to Fejan:
  • Arrive 16:30 at Fejan for dinner and overnight stay

Day 2

  • Fejan Breakfast 08:30
  • Arholma guide / Sightseeing / coffee – 10.00 – 12.00
  • Söderarm 13.00 – 13:30
  • Picknick Rödlöga 14.00 – 15:30
  • Island hopping on our way to Sandhamn ( Suggestions)
  • Arrive Sandhamn 17.00 – 17:30

Day 3

  • Sandhamn Breakfast 08:30
  • Grönskär Light House
  • Picknick Lunch at Huvudskär
  • Arrive at Landsort 17.00 – 17.30

Day 1

  • Swedish Fika
  • Picnic lunch incl soft drinks
  • Afternoon snack
  • Dinner incl soft drinks
  • Overnight stay at Fejan Glamping

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Snack
  • Picnic Lunch incl soft drinks
  • Dinner at Sandhamn
  • Overnight Stay at Sandhamn

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Swedish Fika Coffee / Tea / Soft drink and Cinnamon bun
  • Picnic lunch at Huvudskär
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Dinner at Landsort
  • Overnight stay Landsort

Day 4

  • Breakfast
  • Swedish Fixa en route to Stockholm
  • Life Jackets
  • Goggles
  • Insurance
  • Hats
  • Warm Overalls
  • Seacat 850
  • Engine – Suzuki 350 HK
  • Radar – YES
  • Plotter – YES
  • Top speed: 47 knots
  • Experienced crew with required permits and health checks
  • Insurance – YES

Depending on weather you might want to bring;
Gloves, an extra sweater, Swim gear, warm boots.

  • Prices are inclusive of VAT 6%
  • Prepayment
  • Creditcard / banktransfer

The minimum age is 12 years


36 900 SEK per person


3 nights (3,5 days)


4 pax minimum
6 pax maximum
Per boat


Strandvägen Kajplats 17, Stockholm

Tour Highlights

  • Experience the real archipelago
  • See the very north and south of the Stockholm archipelago
  • Visit the Island where the Famous Astrid Lindgren movie “Vi på Saltkråkan” is filmed
  • Dine at award-winning restaurants
  • See where locals spend their summers
  • You’ll see the inner and outer archipelago
  • 3 nights out in the archipelago
  • Over night stay at Fejan Island
  • Overnight stay at the sailing mecka of Sandhamn
  • Picknick in the outer Archipelago – only accessible with own boat
  • Sightseeing and overnight stay at Landsort – most southern tip of the Stockholm Archipelago
Call to book: + 46 (0)76 039 65 53