Archipelago 2 Night Experience

Enjoy an exclusive two night tour of the Stockholm Archipelago. In a small group you get to experience islands that are only accessible by own boat in the outer archipelago, as well as all the famous sights of the inner parts. Overnight stays included in the sailing mecca of Sandhamn and Glamping at Svartsö.

Our crew will meet you at Pier 17 in the center of Stockholm. After a short introduction we gear up and make sure your personal belongings are safely tucked away in the boat. Let the adventure begin. As we leave Strandvägen in Stockholm and pier 17 behind us we travel out from Stockholm, passing popular tourist sights and residential areas. Making our way out to the main water way into Stockholm we make our first stop. Skogsön is an island 40 minutes outside Stockholm, where local residents have their summer houses, some dating back from early 1800 century. We leave our Rib boat for a while and enjoy some coffee and homemade cinnamon buns while our crew presents the tour.

Day 1 starts off with sightseeing of the central Stockholm Archipelago consisting of lush nature, deserted islands and summer houses. Around lunch we make our way out to the Grinda Island, a nature reserve island and a popular destination for sailors and tourists. We stop to take a walk on the island, get a guided tour of an archipelago farm and have lunch at Grinda Värdshus. Once we are full we hop on the Rib boat and make out way out to the Island of Rödlöga. On our way out to this beautiful Island we pass through the central archipelago, the further we go the islands become less inhabited and the nature becomes less lush. After 1 hour we arrive at Rödlöga, the islands first inhabitants dates back to 1535 and Rödlöga was once of great importance when it came to supplying Stockholm with fish. We’ll take a tour of the island enjoy the scenery and why not take a dip into the sea. Leaving Rödlöga behind us we steer towards our home for the night, Svartsö Glamping where we sleep in luxurious tents and eat at Svartsö restaurant.

After a good night sleep at Svartsö glamping its time to enjoy breakfast. Take the chance to walk the island and take a swim before we depart Svartsö. Day 2 we continue to explore the central archipelago, more specifically Möja archipelago. We stop for a coffee and sandwich at Möja bakery, where we have a chance to explore the island. People have lived here since Viking times, and in more recent years home to fishermen. Möja mainly consists of gravel roads with very few cars, making it perfect explore by foot, a truly authentic environment. After exploring Möja we hop on the Rib boat and make out way out to St Nassa nature reserve. St Nassa, only accessible for those with own boats, is a truly beautiful archipelago of its own, take a chance to enjoy the scenery and why not take a dip into the sea. Here we prepare a lighter picnic lunch which we eat on the cliffs. After enjoying the quietness of the outer archipelago we steer towards the island of Sandhamn. Sandhamn is a sailing mecka and popular destination for tourists. With its barren rocks ,sandy beaches and windswept pines the island is truly something special. Sandhamn is also home to bars, restaurants and a popular stop for sailors to enjoy some fun before heading out to sea. We’ll arrive to Sandhamn early afternoon, so you will have enough time to explore the Island on your own, before having dinner at one if the restaurants. Sandhamn is our home for tonight.

After a good night sleep at its time to enjoy breakfast. We make our way back to Stockholm on the inner waterways, passing by fantastic summer houses and residential villas, some dating back from the 16th century. We travel on the Strömma Canal and make a short stop to pick up coffee and a famous cinnamon bun. Back at Strandvägen, where the adventure started we are full of memories and impressions from the days at sea.

You have now seen the real Stockholm archipelago.

Program & Timings

Day 1

  • Leaving Strandvägen (Central Stockholm) – 09:00
  • First stop Skogsön (Vaxholm) – Swedish fika and Tour briefing
  • Passing by Vaxholm – Capital of the Archipelago
  • Lunch at Grinda Värdshus – 12.00
  • Passing by Lådna / Själbottna / Svartlöga islands
  • Stop at Rödlöga – Drinks & Snacks – 14.00
  • Arrive at Svartsö Glamping 17:30 overnight stay and dinner at Svartsö Krog

Day 2

  • Wake up, breakfast 08.30 – leave at 10.30
  • Pass by Gällnö, Lådna and Möja Ström to Bergs dock (Möja)
  • Coffee / Sandwich at Möja Bakery – arrive 11:30
  • Make our way through Sillösund out to Stora Nassa where we have lunch
  • Arrive Sandhamn 16.30 – Free time, Dinner of your choice
  • Stay over at Sandhamnshotellet

Day 3

  • Wake up, breakfast 08.30 – leave at 10.30
  • Coffee and Cinnamon bun on the go at Strömma Kanal
  • Pass by Skurusundet
  • Arrive back at Strandvägen 12.00

Day 1

  • Swedish Fika
  • Lunch incl soft drinks
  • Afternoon snack
  • Dinner at Svartsö restaurant incl soft drinks
  • Overnight stay at Svartsö Glamping

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Snack
  • Lunch incl soft drinks
  • Dinner at Sandhamn
  • Overnight Stay at Sandhamn

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Coffee / Tea / Soft drink and Cinnamon bun
  • Life Jackets
  • Goggles
  • Insurance
  • Hats
  • Warm Overalls
  • Seacat 850
  • Engine – Suzuki 350 HK
  • Radar – YES
  • Plotter – YES
  • Top speed: 47 knots
  • Experienced crew with required permits and health checks
  • Insurance – YES

Depending on weather you might want to bring;
Gloves, an extra sweater, Swim gear, warm boots.

  • Prices are inclusive of VAT 6%
  • Prepayment
  • Creditcard / bank transfer

The minimum age is 12 years


29 900 SEK per person


2 nights (2,5 day)


4 pax minimum
6 pax maximum
Per boat


Strandvägen Kajplats 17, Stockholm

Tour Highlights

  • See where locals spend their summers
  • Experience the inner and outer archipelago
  • Visit 7 islands
  • Proper archipelago Glamping experience at Svartsö
  • Overnight stay at the sailing mecka of Sandhamn
  • Dine at award-winning Svartsö restaurant
  • Picknick in the outer Archipelago – only accessible with own boat
Call to book: + 46 (0)76 039 65 53