2 Hour Archipelago Tour

We’ll pick you up from central Stockholm. As we leave Stockholm behind us we pass sights such as The Old Town, Vasa museum and the amusement park, Gröna Lund. Passing the island of Fjäderholmarna we pick up speed and hit 42 knots (78 km/h) on our way to Vaxholm (the capital of the archipelago).

We travel through magnificent landscapes made up of lush and rocky islands. Passing islands both inhabited and uninhabited. You will experience historic sites and summer houses dating back from the 17th century. We’ll travel on the water ways of locals, so don’t forget to waive when passing fellow sailors. Before heading back to Stockholm we pass by Vaxholm, also called the Capital of the Archipelago, where many sailors come to proviant before heading out to sea.

This is a truly genuine tour where one experiences the archipelago where locals live and vacation. Summer houses here are passed down from generations to generations and many never come out on the open market.

  • Life Jackets
  • Goggles
  • Hats
  • Warm Overalls
  • Insurance
  • Seacat 850
  • Engine – Mercury 400 HK
  • Radar – YES
  • Plotter – YES
  • Top speed: 44 knots
  • Experienced crew with required permits and health checks
  • Insurance – YES

Depending on weather you might want to bring;
Gloves, an extra sweater, warm boots.

  • Credit card before departure / Credit card via Fare Harbour
  • Prices are exclusive of VAT (6%) for companies

The minimum age is 12 years


1400 SEK per person
14 000 SEK for private tour / boat
(up to 12 people)


2 hours


2 pax minimum
12 pax maximum
Per boat


Strandvägen Kajplats 17, Stockholm

Call to book: + 46 (0)76 039 65 53