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Our fully qualified crew loves to show off the archipelago and take you to new places. A perfect day starts when you board the RIB-boat and leave Stockholm behind. New adventure awaits.

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Book our exhilarating 2 hour speed boat tour

We’ll pick you up from central Stockholm. As we leave Stockholm behind us we pass sights such as The Old Town, Vasa museum and the amusement park, Gröna Lund. Passing the island of Fjäderholmarna we pick up speed and hit 42 knots (78 km/h) on our way to Vaxholm (the capital of the archipelago).

This is a truly genuine tour where one experiences the archipelago where locals live and vacation. Summer houses here are passed down from generations to generations and many never come out on the open market.   

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Our Experiences

Gather your colleagues, friends or family and take them on one of our archipelago adventures. These experiences are sold as private charter.

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The Archipelago Tours

Rib Stockholm has designed 5 truly unique Archipelago Experiences. Our tours range from 1,5 hour to 3 days. Let us bring you on an adventure!

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RIB Stockholm

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Our Responsibility

Rib Stockholm has chosen Suzuki engines which are the most fuel efficient on the market. By ensuring that our boats live up to the highest environmental standards we strive to have a minimum impact on our planet.

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Seacat RIB

At Rib Stockholm we have chosen to use one of the most secure and durable Rib-boats on the market. Together with brand new Suzuki engines we master the seas with safety as our top priority.

Our Crew
Archipelago Specialists

Our fully qualified crew loves to be on the water and show off the archipelago. They have extensive knowledge about the known and unknown gems of the archipelago. Furthermore, educated to at least Ship’s officers Class VIII and handling fast ships (HSF).

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